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    Mr. Harold H. Dudley


    Another great CUP!

    Thank you to all the players for a great day of hockey. To all the fans for coming out to cheer them on and all the parents for shuttling them back and forth...

    Until next year

    In Memory of
    Mr. Harold H. Dudley


    Long time Falmouth resident, Harold Dudley, donated the land trust that enabled us to start the construction of Family Ice. When asked what to name the Annual New Year's Day event the local community unanimously agreed upon The Dudley Cup.

    A native of Livermore Falls, Maine, Harold Dudley first played organized hockey on the Canton High School teams of 1927 & 28. They played on an outdoor rink with boards made of old barn siding. Players used only baseball shin pads for equipment and the goalies wore a baseball hat. Harold played any position needed since there were only 10 players on the team.

    Harold played semi-pro hockey in 1932 & 33 for the Bates Manufacturing team in Lewiston, Maine. The arena was located in a Quonset hut on Lisbon Street. By then goalies wore a mask, helmet and gloves. The players continue to play without pads or other protection. The Bates team traveled as far as Lynne, Massachusetts in an unheated Model A Ford. Harold, who played center, was paid as much as $25 per game.

    While Harold continued to enjoy the sport of hockey throughout his life, seeing the local skaters & hockey teams in the Southern Maine community skate at Family Ice Center was always a special pleasure for him.

    Harold's interest in our mission to serve the community thru skating went well beyond the initial construction phase as he was also instrumental in providing initial funding for the facility's community outreach skating program - Opportunity Skate. His generous donation of financial support was given in memory of his wife, May, along with his love and passion for the sport if ice skating and all the joy it brings to a skaters life.

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